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Kherson city public organization “Social Partnership Center” (SPC) was registered on 09.09.2004 and acts according to Statute (Ukrainian, PDF, 250 Кб)

Our vision: Effectively functioning umbrella organization for Socially Oriented and Human Rights Defending NGOs operates in accordance with international standards and principles of openness, financial transparency, participatory democracy, honesty, team spirit, and participates in innovative initiatives which in a prospect become the generally accepted standards.

Our mission: to support development of Civil Society organizations as agents of social changes, guarantors of democracy development and equal partners for the local authorities in social policy realization.

Statute aim and task of SPC defined as:
Organization’s aim is provision and protection of rights of organization members, satisfaction of social, cultural, constructive, economic and other joint interests; expansion and development of constructive, moral, intellectual potential of the person oriented on national and all human values; assistance to civil society development, support and development to all forms of social partnership of local authorities, business and non government organizations, assistance to improvement of the system of social protection and social provision for the population.

To realize stated aims organization implements the following tasks:
1.       implementing of legal, social, informational, methodological and financial support of the members of organization to protect their rights;
2.       assistance to implementing of state and local policy in different spheres of public life;
3.       assistance to the development of democracy and civil society;
4.       conducting activity connected with development of cooperation between authorities, business and NGOs;
5.       provision of social services;
6.       assistance to development of socially oriented non profit organizations;
7.       creation and filling informational field on issues defined as aim and task of the organization;
8.       assistance to legally defined right to participate in local self government;
9.       assistance to forming effective regional social policy

Annual reports on the SPC activity

- in 2005 (Ukrainian, PDF, 200 Кб)

- in 2006 (Russian, doc, 82 Кб)

- in 2007 (Russian, doc, 90 Кб)

The organization consists of 15 members.

Organization’s Board consists of:  Oleg Ustinenko, Roman Ljubchenko, Olha Bezkorovayna, Olexiy Matviychuk(Head), Liudmila Yamschikova.

SPC has registered edition – quarterly newsletter “Social Partnership”

Now by the SPC assembly 5 activity priorities are defined:
·          educational, consultative and resource support to other NGOs and authorities
·          conducting analytical researches and expert evaluation (in social sphere on NGOs and authorities activity)
·          accumulation of financial sources for NGOs
(community foundations development, fundraising, costs redistribution and re-granting, monitoring of their use)
·          Volunteer Agency
·          promotion on the public sector needs

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